5 Best Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies

Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

THE HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! So that can only mean it’s time to bake some cookies! This year I’ve rounded up my 5 favourite Gluten-Free cookie recipes. These are great on their own or perfect for curating your own Christmas Cookie Box to gift to family and friends.

Make these festive Gluten-Free Christmas Cookies and spread a little holiday cheer!

1. Gluten-Free Shortbread Cookies

Gluten Free Shortbread cookies

The first cookie on my list is always a buttery shortbread cookie. They come together so quickly, are fuss-free and the perfect treat to leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. This Gluten-Free Shortbread recipe has just enough butter to keep it moist while maintaining a crumbly texture.

2. Gluten-Free Gingerbread Cookies

Gluten Free Gingerbread Christmas Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies not only look gorgeous when decorated with vanilla icing but they smell absolutely incredible while they are baking. This recipe is perfect if you are looking for a cookie that is delicious to eat, but also makes for a fun family activity to decorate the Christmas tree.

3. Gluten-Free Chocolate Orange Crinkle Cookies

Gluten Free Chocolate Orange Crinkle Cookie Recipe

The combination of Chocolate and Orange during the holiday season is one of my favourites. You also can’t resist the appearance of these cookies as they look like they have been dusted in freshly fallen snow. 

4. Gluten-Free Peppermint Brownie Cookies

Gluten Free Peppermint Brownie Cookies

As soon as Nov 1st hits, it’s the end of PSL season for me and I’m all about the Peppermint Hot Chocolate. This cookie hits all the spots for me. It’ super fudgy, packed with chocolate and the peppermint brightens everything up.

5. Gluten-Free Chocolate Pecan Fudge

Gluten Free Chocolate Pecan Fudge

Okay so this one isn’t a cookie, but I think that every cookie box needs to have a mix of cookies and candy. This fudge is great because you can customize it to your liking, and it lasts for 3 weeks unrefrigerated. Making it the perfect gift around the holidays season.

If you are looking for more Christmas inspired gluten-free recipes to bake up this holiday season make sure to try one of these:


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