About Us!

Here at Kira Bakes Gluten Free you will find professional pastry chef developed recipes and resources aimed at helping you understand the fundamentals and science behind gluten-free baking. My goal is to give you the knowledge and confidence to turn out the most delicious gluten-free pastries and desserts in your own kitchen.

Meet the Pastry Chef!

Pastry Chef Kira McMullan

Hi! I’m Kira. The professionally trained pastry chef and recipe developer behind Kira Bakes Gluten Free.

My origin story is a little different compared to most pastry chefs. In my mid-twenties I developed some serious health issues which I later found out was due to an undiagnosed allergy to wheat.

Having a food allergy or needing to cut out certain foods can be difficult and socially isolating. Over the last 10+ years I have been working hard and educating myself so I could not only bring my love of baking back into my own life, but also so that I could share my gluten free recipes with anyone else who needs a little extra support and sweetness in their gluten free lives.

Over the years I’ve graduated from pastry school, worked in restaurants, patisseries, spent time as a chocolatier, pasta maker (pastaia), and least notably I was once a chef hand-double in a Hallmark film. These days I’m using my culinary skills to develop new gluten free recipes that I share here, on Kira Bakes Gluten Free.

If you have any gluten-free baking questions for me or just want to connect, reach out on Instagram or info@kirabakesglutenfree.com!

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