Cheesecake Squares

Classic baked Cheesecake Squares with a gluten free almond and oat crust. Serve these creamy smooth squares topped with fresh berries, fruit compote or caramel sauce, or leave them as is seeing as they are beautifully elegant and delicious all on their own.

Cheesecake with almond and oat crust gluten free

Cheesecake Squares

Classic Baked Cheesecake Squares with almond and oat crust. Creamy, smooth and gluten free.
Prep Time30 minutes
Cook Time50 minutes
Cooling Time2 hours
Total Time3 hours 20 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Servings: 12 servings
Author: Kira McMullan


  • Cheesecake Tutorial can be found on my Instagram @kiramcmullan


  • Preheat oven to 175C/350F. Prep a 8" x 8" square pan by lining the centre with parchment paper and greasing all sides with butter. Set pan aside.
    NOTE: you can turn this recipe into a full cheesecake by doubling the recipe for both the crush and filling and using a 9" springform pan, wrapped in a double layer of foil.
  • Using a food processor or high powered blender, pulse ground almonds, oats and sugar until you reach a sand-like consistency.
  • Add melted butter and pulse until just combined. Press a small amount of the crust together in your hand and if it holds together it is ready. If it falls apart or seems too crumbly, simply add another tablespoon of melter butter or oil.
  • Press crust firmly into the bottom of prepared pan and bake for 8-10 minutes or until the edges are golden and the crust becomes slightly firm. Cool on a wire rack while you prepare the cheesecake filling.
    TIP: Use the bottom of a measuring cup to acheive a flat, even surface.

Cream Cheese Filling

  • Drop oven temperature down to 165C/325F. Whip creamed cheese in a bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment on high speed for 10 minutes.
  • Add vanilla, egg (one at a time), sugar and salt. mix on medium until fully incorporated making sure to scrape down the sides of the bowl.
  • Pour cheesecake mixture over cooled crust.
    TIP: Using a sharp knife, run in through the cheesecake mixture to release any air bubbles
  • If using a waterbath, place your cake pan in a large roasting pan and fill halfway with boiling water. Bake at 325F for 35-45 minutes.
    Cheesecake is done whe the outsides are set but the centre still has a slight wiggle.
    NOTE: Baking your cheesecake in a waterbath will help achieve a smooth, creamy and crack free cheesecake.
  • Allow cheesecake to cool in the refrigerater for at least 2 hours, preferably overnight.
    TIP: Slice with a hot knife (dip into a mug of boiling water) to acheive clean, smooth servings.
  • Cheesecake will keep in the fridge for 3-4 days.

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