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Welcome to The Kira Bakes Gluten-Free Pastry School!  This free self-lead course was designed to give you a high-level understanding of how to bake gluten free as well as improve your skills in the kitchen by learning professional pastry principles and techniques. After completing all six modules you will be equipped with the knowledge and recipes needed to build your baking skills, confidence and create amazing gluten-free breads, dessert and pastries in your own kitchen.

If you don’t already know me, Hi, I’m Kira. The pastry chef behind Kira Bakes Gluten Free. After discovering I was allergic to wheat in 2014 I thought my baking dreams were over.  After a brief mourning period for all the bread I would never get to eat, I quickly started searching the internet and local libraries for professionally developed gluten free recipes and resources. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that there just weren’t many pastry chefs devoting their time and expertise to gluten free baking.  So I made the crazy decision to become the gluten free pastry chef I was looking for all those years ago. I trained professionally as a pastry chef at culinary school and worked long hours in restaurants and bakeries. Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of hours baking, reading and researching gluten free baking and food science. My intention was always to take everything I’ve learned and share it with anyone who finds themselves in a similar position, or finds themselves needing to bake without using wheat. If you want to learn how to create stunning gluten free desserts, pastries and breads then this course is for you!

This course is a culmination of everything I’ve learned about baking gluten free, combined with my experience as a professional pastry chef. I’m so excited to finally share this free self-lead course with you!

Below you will see instructions on how to navigate this self-lead course as well as an outline showing you the areas that will be covered and recipes we’ll be making.

YOUR GUIDE: How to take this self-lead gluten free pastry course.

This is a free self-lead gluten-free pastry and baking course where each month I will release a new module focusing on a specific area of pastry and baking.

First and most importantly, make sure to sign up for my newsletter at the bottom of the page, for monthly Gluten-Free Pastry School announcements, step-by-step tips for completing each module, recipes and other gluten free fun facts.


Before we start baking, let’s build our pastry and baking foundation. Having a high-level understanding of the baking basics and foundations is what really builds confidence in the kitchen and sets you up for baking success. Before starting the modules, I would encourage you to go through the following resources.  


Each Module will be released monthly, starting July 2023, with the final module being released in January, 2024. If you are joining us after July 2023, and don’t have any interest in baking gluten free breads, feel free to start with Module Two. After Module Two I would highly recommend working through each module in numeric order as each module builds on the last.

Within each module there will be a section on theory related to that topic area. The theory for each module will give you the building blocks to successfully work through the recipes. There will then be links to recipes that will allow you to gain hands on experience and practice the techniques and methods within that module.

Note from the Chef: I’m a visual learning. So when possible I will be filming and sharing video tutorials and other baking and food science related content within the recipe post and on social media.  Make sure to follow me on Instagram or TikTok!


Ask questions! Share your successes! Share your failures!

I want to be your personal virtual pastry instructor. I’m here when you have questions, are super excited about what you just baked, or had an epic baking fail. 

Sidebar: I want to say something about baking fails. They happen to all of us! The things that I’ve failed at the most in the kitchen are the things that I’m best at now. It’s because our brains are wired to learn more from our failures than from our successes. I can’t count the number of sunken cakes, melted cookies and flat breads that were better suited to being doorstops that have come out of my kitchen. The key is to not let it stop you from trying again and when needed, ask for help. 

So again, if you are struggling with one of the modules, a specific method, have specific questions about the recipe or maybe there’s something I haven’t covered that you want to know more about. Let’s chat! Email me or step over to Instagram and send me a DM. 

The Gluten-Free Pastry School Outline

Below is an outline for the Gluten-Free Pastry School free self-lead course.  

Kira Bakes Gluten Free Pastry School Course Outline Page 1 of 2
Kira Bakes Gluten Free Pastry School Course Outline Page 2 of 2

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