Kira Bakes Gluten Free Pastry School

Welcome to the Kira Bakes Gluten Free Pastry School! I’m Kira, the professionally trained pastry chef and recipe developer behind Kira Bakes Gluten Free.

Gluten Free Pastry Chef Kira McMullan in blue apron
Close up picture of gluten free chocolate layer cake with caramel and chocolate ganache

I can’t wait to help you level up your gluten free baking skills! This free self-lead course is designed specifically to build your confidence and help you create amazing gluten free breads, pastries and desserts in your own kitchen.

Modules one through six will cover gluten free baking techniques, professional pastry principals and theory, as well as gluten free base recipes that will allow you to practice your baking skills and pave the way for you to create your own gluten-free recipes.

Gluten Free Brownie Pie on white plate

Let’s Get Started!

Gluten Free Baking Questions? I’d love to help!

Connect with me @kirabakesglutenfree or

Gluten Free Pastry Chef Kira McMullan, eating slice of cake

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